The legalization of cannabis is presenting new opportunities across the board in the United States. Businesses, care takers, and cultivators now can legally grow cannabis in the states that have passed cannabis laws. The CPA Dude is on top of all current legislation in regards to taxes and business formation for cannabis.


Each city, county, and state has their own regulations and requirements in order to be permitted to cultivate cannabis. The requirements are unclear and difficult to pierce through. The CPA Dude can help:


  • File applications
  • Gather legal requirements
  • Attest to financials for investors


The taxes on cannabis can vary depending on if you are a wholesaler, producer, retailer, and manufacturer. There are excise taxes that every city, county, and state are assessing on cannabis. The CPA Dude can help:


  • File sales tax returns
  • File excise tax returns
  • File business tax returns
  • File individual tax returns