As a small business owner, personal finance or enterprise sized company there are many items that TheCPADude supports. Many variables depend on the number of transactions you perform, how many cards you may have, employees or individuals in the organization and what impacts these have to your liabilities both quarterly or annually.

Compliance is our main concern. As an organization grows paying bills and ensuring the accuracies follow both your State and Federal regulations. Our advanced bookkeeping services can serve your organization with current tools such as QuickBooks integrations to simple personal finance items such as WaveApps.

Our service offerings are to help your organization financially plan monthly and support variable that are unforeseen such as audits. Both services below are for individuals and businesses both starting out and planning to established organizations that need more one on one in personal or virtual accounting support.


  • Monthly transaction reviewed.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Accounting reconciliation.
  • Policy and procedural planning for employees within the organization.


  • Accounting setup. eCommerce retailers and physical store front integrations.
  • End of year filing and 12 month review.
  • Amendment services reconciliation for years prior.
  • Non-profit bookkeeping services.
  • Bi-weekly payroll services with our app.
  • Full invoicing management maintaining creation, collection and reconciliation of vendors and accounts receivable.
  • Auditing support