You run a business, you’re amazing at what you do. Let the experts at TheCPADude take over your payroll services. Of course the do-it-yourself stage can have a lot of benefits but it may also have issues to consider when you may not specialize in performing these accurately.

The payroll services we perform feature them on a weekly, biweekly and semimonthly. These items are not limited to w2 employees, contractors and freelancers.

As salaried employees or new hired reporting items TheCPADude experience helps to onboard new employees without the hassle of training, direct deposits or issuance of credits cards. We take care of it all with all the minor administrative features to withholding and issuing the proper paperwork for year end reporting tax documents.


  • Small & Medium sized businesses up to 99 employees. Our cloud based system has valuable features back by the setup and trust of TheCPADude.
  • Classification support of employees that help the core of the organization to the supporting actors that play an equally significate role not limited to contactors and other businesses.
  • Quarterly filings and payroll for home care businesses – private sectors to landscaping and freelancing organizations.
  • If your organization is already performing manual self service payroll or …
  • Online services with QuickBooks we’re here to help.