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At TheCPADude we have a simple belief that your hard earned money should not be spent on overpaying your taxes. CPAs are well-respected and strategic business advisors to help support your next financial goals.

Frequently asked what a CPA does and how do they vary from your local big box chains, we look to some bullet point items as well as demystifying the industry for those that may be seeking their services for the first time.

CPAs help support individuals, small to enterprise businesses and families regarding their finances. Navigating through local, State and Federal laws a they’ll ensure that they support your best interest.

All CPAs take an oath to follow the laws and regulations.

  • CPAs dive into over 150 semester credit hours to be allows to sit for their exams.
  • CPAs work with a variety of interprofessional advisors not limited to business consultants, lawyers, wealth managers etc to strategize your financial situation as needed.
  • CPAs support tax planning and advice in the continuous changing laws.
  • CPAs are also able to help manage your taxes, payroll and full-service accounting needs.
  • At TheCPADude we also support businesses as interim local/ virtual CFO positions.

You Have Spent Years Supporting Others, Allow TheCPADude To Take Care Of Your Finances.

– Tony Hoong, CPA –

Why Choose TheCPADude

Our Experience and Expertise as Subject Matter Experts

Since 2014 – TheCPADude has provide consulting and efforts that not only support clients from small to enterprise businesses but also personal and business efforts.

Our dynamic blend platform and education take clients beyond an annual tax return – we continually analyze laws both locally and at a Federal level to ensure what you’re performing follows best practice and enhances your ability to grow as a business.


We support clients in understanding tax laws for both physical and virtual products as a service online. Check out our online services clients.

Real Estate

Navigating your personal finances to real estate businesses TheCPADude is guaranteed to help you think outside the box on owning property and how it affects you.

Modern Business Advising

You may be a small business or a restauranter – we;ve done it all. Let us help you startup or maintain your business so you can focus on your customers.


Got a side hustle? How do the laws affect you and your current salary if you’re still drawing a w2. Next step – how do we make it a full time hustle!

Global Connections

Own property in multiple countries, travel a lot? At TheCPADude we are able to support your investments, rentals and personal assets by ensuring you have the latest information.

Healthcare Experience & Retirement

You’ve cared for others and it’s time for your own time to relax. We’ll discuss your now items from IRA, Roth, 401, 403, Estates to HSA.

Enterprise Industry Experience