Fulltime Hustlers may be both 1099 contracting employees or w2 employees. Certainly a major benefit to both and you may be a blend of the two. Being a freelancer would just mean you are a self-employed individual so your tax filings and preparations may face additional deductions.

For our services we help support you in understanding more regarding your self-employment taxes and the forms you should receive from your contracting or w2 positions (1099-Misc on the former.)

As the tax liabilities do very – you do have more leverage for additional deductions not commonly open to full-time employees. Items not limited to travel, home offices, education and meal deductions.

TheCPADude value proposition is always simple; Keep what you’ve earned, hustler!


  • Self-Employment Plans
  • Schedule SE Tax
  • 1099-Misc Forms
  • Quarterly tax filings and deadlines
  • Self-Employment deductions – Utilities, Travel, Meals, Office Supplies, Advertising and Marketing, Computer equipment & software
  • How to navigate business insurance, personal insurance
  • Mileage write offs
  • How to operate your business – online, retail physical location or a blend
  • Online tax consultants for freelancers


  • Employer wage for trade workers such as tax filing for construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, painters, landscapers.
  • Employer wages for technical positions such as developers, medical professions not limited to nurses, doctors and law enforcement.
  • Tax filings for families, newly divorced, those adopting, single filers, married, head of household. Let us help you determine the best filing and what you may qualify for!